Info about Copenhagen

Info about Copenhagen

Our capital is compact, safe, eco-friendly and efficient. It’s built on respect for the 1,000-year past, but focused on the future. We offer a wide selection of modern meeting facilities, state-of-the-art hotels, culture, sights and activities. The Danish capital has repeatedly been named 'World's most Livable City' and the Danes have been ranked World’s Happiest People over and over again.

Kongresfilm 2015 from Wonderful Copenhagen

With a population of 1.9 million, Copenhagen is the largest city in Scandinavia. Though smaller than many other Northern European cities, the Danish capital has proven itself leading in organising successful events in innovative and appealing settings.

Copenhagen Airport is Scandinavia’s main traffic hub with non-stop flights from more than 150 destinations. Once landed, the city center is only 13 minutes away by Metro or train.

Copenhagen holds the world record for consumption of organic food; 52 % of all Copenhageners commute by bicycle every day; and 71 % of the city’s hotel rooms are eco-certified.
In 2013 Copenhagen was named the most walkable city by Walk 21. The traffic infrastructure is ranked world’s fourth best by Mercer, and to underline its eco-friendly profile the city has a massive biking culture.

Danes are highly skilled in foreign languages, 86% of the workforce speaks English, but it’s also quite common for Danes to know German (47 %), French, Spanish and other languages too.

Global Peace Index rates Denmark as one of the world’s most peaceful countries and, once again in 2014, Transparency International named Denmark the World’s Least Corrupt Country.

Copenhageners have an easy-going and relaxed approach to life – but don't be fooled. Behind the relaxed facade lies a steely professionalism and a high awareness of quality. According to the U.N., the Danish workforce is among the world’s most productive.
15 AUGUST 2022