Ardern and Lockett Award

At MEWE 2016 - the Ardern and Lockett Award will be presented

MEWE presents an award named after Ardern and Lockett in recognition of the Specialist Group’s strong link to the Activated Sludge process, and investigations into the microbial population dynamics of these systems.

The Ardern-Lockett award recipients are selected based on their contributions to research and practice in the field of Microbial Ecology and Water Engineering. The Chair and Secretary of MEWE are currently soliciting nominations from MEWE members prior to the next MEWE conference. Nominations must justify and describe the contributions of the candidate in about 500 words by the nominator and should be sent to the Chair (Prof. Tom Curtis: and the Secretary (Prof. Adrian Oehmen: no later than May 31, 2016.

Self-nominations are not considered, nor nominations of MEWE Management Committee (MC) members.
1 JULY 2022